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A virtual desktop manager which will create up to 4 virtual desktops

Multi DesktopV3.00 is a hip software tool that helps you to run more programs and open more windows without getting the screen too crowded. When a lot of windows are opened in the current desktop and you do not have work space you can switch to another desktop, which appears blank - and continue working in that one.

Ever wished you had several screens on you desktop? Multi Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 4 virtual desktops allowing you to have different windows open on each of them.


Software Features:

  • Multi DesktopV3.00 supports up to 4 Virtual Desktops.
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 Own desktop icons for each Virtual Desktop
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 Own desktop names for each Virtual Desktop
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 Own desktop wallpapers for each Virtual Desktop Manager
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 allow you to move windows from one Virtual Desktop to another by drag&drop.
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 allow you to switch from one virtual desktop to another using hotkey.
  • Multi Desktop V3.00 allow you to choose the wallpaper styles as your like.

Some tips about Multi Desktop:

  • Move a window !
    Suppose that you are running WordPad on desktop number one and Paintbrush on desktop number two, then you decide that you would like to have them both on the same desktop. You could accomplish this by closing one of the applications and starting it on the appropriate desktop or you could let Multi Desktop do the work for you.

    To run WordPad on desk number two, all you need to do is click the "Desk 1" tab on the Arrange screen and select WordPad in the list of running applications (its entry changes to a highlighted color when it is selected). Next, hold the left mouse button down and drag the selected item up to the tab of the desk to which you would like to move it (in our example the "Desk 2" tab). As you move the mouse, its cursor changes to a rectangular shape when you are over a valid desk tab or a circle with a slash through it when you are not over a valid desk tab. Once you have positioned the cursor over the desk's tab where you want to move the program just release the left mouse button and the application will automatically move to the new desk. To verify that the move was successful, click on the tab of the new desk (desk two in our example) and locate the application in the list of running applications.

  • Keeping A Window On All Desktops
    Multi Desktop also allows you to keep specified applications visible on every desktop by using the "Keep on all desks" checkbox on the Arrange screen. Checking this button for a selected application in the list will cause that application to be visible on every desktop. Once you select this option for an application, its list icon will have a green checkmark on it and the application will show up in the running application list for each desktop. If you decide later that you no longer want this program to be visible on every desktop, then you can select it again in the list and click the checkbox again. This time the check will disappear and the program's icon in the list will no longer have the green checkmark on it. The application will disappear from all of the virtual desktops except for the one that is currently active. When you have finished using the Arrange screen, you can close it by pressing the "Close" button.
  • Setting the Active Desktop
    Another useful feature of the Arrange screen is the "Set Active" button. By using this button, you can automatically switch to the virtual desktop whose tab is currently selected. This has the same effect as using the context menu to directly jump to a new desktop. It immediately makes the selected desktop active and displays its running applications. It is a convenient way to view different desktops while you are arranging windows.

System Requirements:

  • x86-based personal computer
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
  • No less than 32MB application RAM
  • 5 MB hard disk space
  • screen resolution must be no less than 640x480 pixels

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